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Property management services are designed
with holiday homeowners in mind.

Offering holiday homeowners tailor-made
property management services.

Helping holiday let owners in South Devonshire fulfil their potential.

Over the years, we have seen many holidays let owners not realising the full financial potential of their holiday properties. Letting your holiday home can challenging for many different reasons, such as: not having time or expertise to set-up a desirable website and/or advertise and manage the bookings for their holiday let, struggling to find reliable cleaners, concerned about potential damages made to their property, not wanting to deal with holiday guests.
Indeed, a certain level of knowledge and expertise is required to design a desirable hosted website with its personalised domain name and email address, let alone set up a working and reliable hosted booking system offering credit/debit card payments.
Some holiday property owners utilise external agencies to advertise their lodges or sublet their property via their holiday park in the hope of a nice profit. This may work for some, but the owners coming to us often share their disappointment with poor financial return, guest complaints and sadness over the damages lack caused by the guests, or lack of cleaning standards by their cleaners, often leading to guest complaints.
Being holiday property owners ourselves, we fully understand the challenges holiday let owners are faced with. However, we all faced those challenges and worked through them to learn valuable lessons that we utilise when managing our customers’ properties.
We are professionals in creating a website and social media presence, as we as holiday advertising, handling bookings and payments, communicating with guests, booking cleaners, etc.
Furthermore, being experienced customer service professionals with decades of experience at a senior management level, we know how to handle 3rd party providers to keep your property in tip-top shape. Finally, as holiday homeowners, we learned how to successfully manage a holiday let to maximise the profit while maintaining happy holidaymakers.
South Devonshire Holidays is very well placed to provide excellent support to holiday homeowners either via a complete holiday home management service or providing assistance as and when needed (e.g. development of a website) No one cares about your property more than you, with South Devonshire Holidays coming a close second.

Fully Managed
Private Sublet

We can successfully manage the full private sublet of your property. In addition, our Managed Service offering entirely runs the advertising of the property, the end-to-end guests holiday life cycle, and the management of any supporting contractors.

Private Sublet
Set-up Services

Do you want to privately sublet your holiday property and fully manage it for yourself? However, do you not have the time or expertise to set it all up? We can help. We can set up your online digital presence and can offer an online booking system as well as social media.


Are you thinking of undertaking private subletting or renting your property out to holidaymakers? We can guide you through everything you need to consider before making the jump to sublet your property privately.

Website Creation & Hosting

Would you like a hosted website for your South Devon holiday rental? We can do this for you. Our professional web developers can create an excellent website for your property, complete with access to analytics allowing you to monitor visitor numbers.

Booking System

Are you tired of working off spreadsheets and pieces of paper? Are you occasionally double booking or even forgetting a booking? Are you fed up with having to answer questions about when you are available, or how much is a specific break?

Social Media

Is managing your social media getting on your nerves? Getting stuck with what content to post – we can help. With our scalable model, we can fully manage your pages through to supplying you with a certain number of posts per month on your behalf.

Photographic &
Videography Services

Professional video marketing helps with sales and professionalism. For example, could your property do professional photographs taken around your property to aid with your website or social media impact? We can help. With a professional photographer/videographer in the ranks, we can offer packages that aid with the marketing of your property.

Cleaning &
Maintenance Services

Are you looking for an expert team to aid with pre/post guest cleans? This division of our company also offers oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, inside window cleaning, carpet shampooing, and an ironing service and wheelie bin cleaning. We tailor our cleaning and maintenance services to your property requirements.