Consultancy Services


A holiday home is a wonderful lifestyle investment to help you make more family memories. But what about when you’re not using it? You want it to earn you some money. Is letting through the resort, by yourself or a local agent, doing that for you? A great way to maximise your lifestyle investment is to earn money back during periods when you aren’t using your holiday home; we’ll even help you along the way with our subletting service. Resorts often charge a high commission rate and have to look to sell a large number of properties. Therefore, it is impossible that they can market your particular lodge in its entirety, with guests, when booking, being placed in a property of a similar grading.
Here at South Devonshire Holidays, we have years worth of experience in providing holidays and helping guests to make memories, so you are in great hands if you wish to sublet your holiday home, either by yourselves or via our managed services. Subletting is one option to help you cover your running costs, particularly in the summer months or school holidays when there is an increased demand for holiday home accommodation. There isn’t a definitive answer to the amount you could earn, as this will depend on the size and age of your holiday home, as well as how often you intend to use it for personal use, however doing it yourself, or via us, it will yield you a greater return,


Bookings – Where the bookings come from (agencies, direct, recommendation etc.). Who your clients are and how you collect the information. We will recommend ways to streamline the process and identify the most suitable and effective ways to get your bookings. The more work you put in, the better the output.
Pricing – How do the rental prices and season bands compare with competitors? And should they be adjusted?
Guest Experience – From initial enquiry to booking procedure and arrival/departure. Property information, facilities, amenities, services and testimonials. How can this be improved? We will look at how it is now and recommend ways to improve it.
Marketing & PR – Your property website, photography, agency and property site listing sites, Google ads and social media. Also advertising, networking, PR and marketing materials. Is there a budget for this? Should it be streamlined? And what could be introduced to improve it to attract and retain your ideal guests?


South Devonshire Holidays Consultancy Service is bespoke advice and practical help for the owners of holiday properties within South Devon, England. The service covers all aspects of holiday renting and is designed to help property owners find their ideal guests and improve their rental income.
Contact us to arrange a free consultation on the phone or in person. The initial chat is your chance to tell us about your property and what improvements you would like to see regarding your bookings. We then propose one of the following review services and tailor it to your requirements:
The Classic Review: We research and identify key areas for improvement regarding your particular property. The results will enable you to understand how to improve your booking situation according to current rental market trends. Three ‘one to one’ online follow up meetings with us will then enable you to discuss the findings and decide the best way to implement the recommendations identified in the review.
New Holiday Owner Review: We research and identify the current rental market trends in your particular region for your particular lodge. We will then make recommendations for you to make the right decision about how to rent your property effectively. Up to three ‘one to one online follow-up meetings will enable you to discuss the findings and decide the best way to implement the recommendations identified in the review.
VIP Owner Property Review: This review is the most in-depth approach to improving your properties rentals or starting your properties rentals from scratch. It incorporates a valuable classic or new owner review with the addition of a visit to your property. It is designed to give you fresh insight into how you can present your property and service effectively to appeal to your ideal guests. By visiting your property, we can analyse firsthand your guests’ experience and then recommend how you can improve it. Three ‘one to one’ follow up meetings with me follow a written report which will enable you to discuss the findings and decide the best way to implement the recommendations identified.


For those who prefer an experienced travel professional to run aspects of their property rentals, we offer the following services:

Website creation and management

With an up to date, professional website which is designed for your property and updated regularly, it will not only showcase your holiday rental but will generate online interest and bookings. With professional web developers within the ranks, alongside excellent website designers, we can help showcase your property to its true potential.

Property photography & videography

Investing in excellent photographs and films of your property is essential to promoting your holiday rental effectively. Working with our experienced, professional photographers, we write a photography brief, arrange the shoot then ensure you have a full set of professional photographs and films of your property.

Booking management

Dealing with booking enquiries generated from various sources can be time-consuming and frustrating if enquiries outnumber actual bookings significantly. Handling overbooking inquiries to a travel professional who has actually visited your property will free up your time and lead to more bookings.

Marketing management

With a good marketing strategy in place, your property will be promoted only to the people who will actually book your property. Following a marketing plan and the latest trends in the rental market, I carefully craft your social media updates, blog posts, newsletters and PR on your behalf.

Your property is unique. Therefore my service is bespoke.

The service is bespoke for a reason. Every property owner is unique, and every property is unique. Therefore the advisory service has to be designed specifically to be useful to each owner. There is no universal magic formula for improving bookings and income. So, South Devonshire Holidays Consultancy Service helps each property owner identify and make the best of what they have to offer. Consequently, attracting the right kind of guest. Whatever your situation, with my guidance and practical help, I will find the best way to proceed with rentals and marketing in the future. Saving you time and generating more rental income.