Photographic and Videography Services


Remember, photos and short videos sell a holiday let, so your photos need to be of the very top-quality. Dress the property to impress. Imagine you are trying to sell the place, so stage it to suit your ideal guest. Beds should be made up with attractive linens, the dining table set up for a dinner party. Place a bottle of wine and two glasses in the kitchen, add flowers to vases, etc. Choose a nice sunny day to take photos, so the property is presented in the most flattering way. If you want to emphasise any special features, such as a log burner or open fire, take photos at the most appropriate time (i.e. in the evening when the fire looks cosy and inviting).
The photos are one of the most important ways to attract visitors to your holiday let, and it will be an investment that you will greatly appreciate when the bookings come rolling in. Sometimes words and pictures aren’t enough to communicate to potential guests exactly what’s on offer when staying at your holiday rental. Within your holiday rental website, you should definitely consider using video and photos to show your accommodation to its full potential. Video marketing works best when there is a visual element involved, and not all businesses make good use of it, but it’s perfectly suited to holiday rentals.
Why not give the potential guests a taste of what’s on offer with a short video tour? Furthermore, we could create videos of local attractions, the beautiful scenery and other places of interest that your guests will be able to visit and enjoy during their stay. A professionally made promotional video is a wonderful extension of your website or social media listing, setting yourself apart from your competition. In general, the same basic principles will apply to create a video that you would use to take photos for your listing. You should keep your target guest in mind so that your video will appeal to a specific audience.


Whilst creating your holiday homes promotional video, there are so many different things that our videographer has to think about and consider.
Tell a story. Throughout your video tour, we show your ideal guests why your property is the perfect choice for their needs. If necessary, we can even shoot different versions of your video. This way, you will appeal to different types of guests, such as tourists, families, or couples.
Map a route in advance. Before we start filming, we have a plan to follow. Your video should run smoothly with no unexpected changes. Also, a plan will help us to be sure that we don’t accidentally miss any rooms or areas.
Do a complete walkthrough. We make sure that your video shows off your entire property to have no surprises after check-in. Highlighting the amenities that you have on offer. We put a spotlight on your most unique amenities that could persuade your potential guests to book with you.
Don’t forget to include the outside areas. If you have a garden, decking or a porch, we don’t leave these areas out of your footage. Outside areas are one of the key assets that you can advertise as your main selling points.
Be honest. Be honest about what your property offers. We make sure that guests are aware of its advantages and downsides.
Think about the sound quality. Aside from a nice visual part, it is important to think about good sound quality. We should decide on whether you are going to use a voiceover or add music to your video.
Use a drone. We have a drone, and drone flights are allowed in your locality; use it for your video; it’s a lovely addition to the story. Most of all, hire a professional videographer. The quality of the video is of utmost importance as you want to showcase your property at its finest. Although you can use your smartphone to create a high-quality video, it is preferable to let a pro do this job for you. A professional videographer knows the best angles, can bring in additional lighting rigs and can provide video editing services afterwards. This video will help sell your lodge, so it needs to look professional. Let us help; our team have been doing holiday let photos and videos for some time. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you