Cleaning and Maintenance Services


When undertaking the Private Sub-Letting, the Directors of South Devonshire Holidays couldn’t begin to understand the mammoth undertaking that was in front of them. Both Directors were not local to their property, and as such, they had to rely heavily on the partnerships they had to build up within the area. One of the main issues that were a concern was the quality of the cleaning. In the beginning, they had guests complaining about different hygiene issues that faced them when they arrived, with the cleaners refusing to come back out and rectify – meaning the owners were stuck and often out of pocket compensating their team’s shortfalls.
As the years progressed, South Devonshire holidays have used numerous tradespeople for upkeep, extending, and refreshing due to wear and tear. We are pleased to have several people across different trades within our preferred supplier’s list. These people have been personally tried and tested and have met and often exceeded expectations. These raised from cleaners to plumbers, electricians to pest control we have it covered. If there is a trade or a project you need to, let us know, and we can recommend the right person for your needs. We have been doing this for a number of years, with high praise given to those we recommended.