About South Devonshire Holidays

My name is Jason Treeby, Managing Director of South Devonshire Holidays Ltd. I set up the company back in 2018, with the main aim of assisting other holiday homeowners with private subletting their properties.
Throughout my working career, I have been working within the customer service management field. These roles were predominantly within the retail and insurance industry before moving into IT in 1998.
More recently, my role was based in the city where I was a Senior Manager for an IT outsourcing company, heading up the Customer Service, Managed Services area. The position involved managing the expectations of our customers C-level board members and their Senior Managers and managing around seventy Customer Management and Technical staff and different suppliers. The role has many synergies to the position I am performing today, as a hands-on Managing Director within South Devon Holiday Lodges, especially within the Managed Services area.
I am lucky to have had some excellent mentors during my career, and the one thing that I have taken away from all of them is the golden rule and principle of treating others as one wants to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in most religions and cultures. It can be considered an ethic of reciprocity in some religions, although different religions treat it differently. This rule works with every person I encounter, whether it’s an owner of a property, a guest or one of our trusted partners.
Having owned a highly successful privately let holiday lodge in South Devon, coupled with my experience within the Managed Services and Customer Service arena, this makes South Devon Holiday Lodges and myself the ideal choice to help you maximise your properties earning potential, as well as successfully managing your property and your guests holiday lifecycle.
When I was setting the company, I looked at all the areas that we struggled with when we started and felt that, as a company, we could offer everything you need to start letting your property privately or take over the management of your property for you.
Make today matter, but ensure you learn from yesterday.

Our Mission Statement

At South Devonshire Holidays, we strive to provide homeowner partners with peace of mind through high standards of service and home care and provide guests with exceptional customer service and enjoyable vacation experiences that help create lifelong memories with family and friends.
Our friendly staff and innovative management are efficient and cost-effective, providing value to homeowners, customers, and guests.

Our Core Values

The core values from which we define our company culture and brand are: